During my trip to Hong Kong, I visited Hong Kong Ocean Park with my parents and went to see a Sea Lion performance. I found the show really interesting and decided to upload it. I found the sea lions very entertaining. If you watch the clip on the massage, you can see the thick blubber (fats) on the sea lion’s body jiggling. The sea lions have so much blubber as they live in cold waters or use it as energy storage. Despite its size, it obviously has no difficulties in moving quickly or performing in front of an audience for a long period of time. Sea lions eat fishes, squid or even clams but the trainers are giving fishes as rewards in this show. In this show, I find the part on the sea lion following the ball then touching it very interesting. The sea lions are very smart and can follow instructions and even work its way into finding a solution to get the ball which is too high for it to reach. If you know how to look after sea lions, you can even form a special bond with them and teach them tricks, however you have to be trained and working in a zoo to do that so don’t you think you can pull that off with a massive sea lion in your house…provided you can get one in the first place.




        如果你知道怎么照顾海狮,如果你想养海狮,最好去动物园工作,千万别想把它带 回家收养,除非你家里有足够大的地方。