During my science field trip to Sungai Buloh wetland reserve on the 5th of June  2009, some of my classmates and I from Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School of class humility 6 were surprised by an unexpected visit from an 1 meter long monitor lizard.

      Before the sighting of the lizard, my classmates and I were resting and doing our worksheet which we were supposed to fill in on our sightings and what we learnt from the trip. Suddenly, there was a huge commotion about a monitor lizard which we failed to see up close that day. We had only managed to see them from a distance and the monitor lizards we saw were still quite small. Two of them were in the murky water which was hard to spot and the third one was sunbathing. My friend Shu Xian had tapped me on the shoulder and told me that there was a monitor lizard behind me. I thought she was joking and did not believe her but then decided to check it out for myself.

     When I turned around, I saw a monitor lizard a little bigger than one meter behind me. I screamed and ran for the teacher. I realized that I had left my camera behind and ran back to grab it and took a few shots. I got the teacher and my best friend, Glenis, and ran back to see the monitor lizard still there and sunbathing ignorant of forty or so people crowding around it and taking pictures.

     When we went back to school, everyone was talking about the fascinating sight of the monitor lizard and I too was excited about the monitor lizard sighting despite being shocked out of my wits after realizing that there was a monitor lizard right behind me.

     If you were wondering how it got there, I too am not sure about it as I was doing my worksheet but the teacher guessed that it might have crossed the platform connecting both sides. If it really did cross it, I wonder how come no one had noticed it…

     (Here are the pictures I took of it J)