Let your child be a junior reporter for a day and learn new experiences with you.
This one-day experience class for Young Journalists in Singapore is now open for enrollment. Suitable for ages 6-15 years old.
Dai Kai, a writer and Chinese language training instructor registered with the Ministry of Education will be the personal trainer for the class.
Being your child for a unique warm-up exercise every morning at the Park, 8:30am. This is specially conducted for young reporters. Parents are welcomed to participate without additional charge.  Thereafter, if your child is keen to try out as a junior reporter, you need to fill in the form below.
The registration fee is $100. Those who registered will be given a small note, a Chinese proficiency test, class placement guidelines and tips/strategies to enhance performance in Chinese, 4 coupons of $20 which can be used for future junior reporter classes.
 Based on Chinese proficiency test, the class placement for your child will be as follows:
Students who do not have any basic knowledge of small journalists must first enter the “preparatory” class; after passing the preparatory class test, they can be promoted to the “interview” class; thereafter they can enter the “essay” class; after their essay are vetted and published, students can be promoted to the “news” class.  Each class lasts 3 hours, and the fees are $120, $150 and $180 respectively. From now until the end of June, the promotion fee is $100.
Booking is opened as follows:
1)The preparatory class – April 29th and April 30th.
2)The interview class – May 6th, and May 13th,May 20th,May 27 th.
3)the composition/news class – May 7 th. May 14th, May 21st, May 28th
Upon completion of the news class, your child  will be awarded the first-level junior reporter certificate; if he/she continues to participate in the 36-hour practical class, he/she will be awarded the second-level junior reporter certificate; after continuing to participate in the 36-hour practical class, students will be awarded the third-level junior reporter certificate  Certificate… and so on, the highest level of junior reporter certificate is 10th level.
After obtaining the 10th level of junior reporter certificate, no matter whether the student enters middle school or not, he or she can volunteer to serve as an SJR junior teaching assistant with the consent of parents to assist the teachers of Little Reporter Network in teaching. We will reward students with a “Junior Teaching Assistant Subsidy” ($50 per lesson).
 This is a rare opportunity, please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.
 Registration form:

      带娃来当小记者 一天共学新体验💯



        没有任何小记者学习基础的学生,必须先进入预备班;预备班测试通过后,可升级进入采访班;采访班实践过后,方可进入作文班;作文班作文发表后,升级进入新闻班。每班授课时长 3小时,收费分别为120元,150元和180元,现在起至六月末均优惠为100元。预备班开课时间4月29日,4月30日。采访班开课时间5月6日,新闻班开课时间5月7日。(第一阶段开课时间每个星期六、星期日到今年八月底)





 A 预备班:



      3.在人前讲话的胆量、 对镜报道训练


 B 采访班





C 作文班





D 新闻班





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