Fierce Creators is a collective that brings together 11 European artists at the Visual Arts Center for a week.

All this year long, it was at least a hundred artists who joined the Collective during a dozen exhibitions all around Europe. The members of the collective are all professionals who wonder about their approach of painting, about the way others look at their creations, but also about the fashions and practices that prevail in the fierce universe of the Art market.

Thanks to those different Art fairs, we discovered that beyond our beautiful and strong artistic differences, we also had a common sensitivity. Our differences make our strength.

This exhibition in Singapore has given us a new impulse and has been a fabulous and rare opportunity for us to create. As long as we are, we need to affirm ourselves, to feel really alive and recognized and appreciated. Your behavior and the way you welcome our work play an important role in the spirit of creation. Today, making ourselves known beyond our borders is indispensable and legitimate.

Painting is an act of liberty too. It is a way of saying what we are free to express what we want and not what people wish us to be. It’s an escape, an intimate adventure and an indoor dream trip. To leave the paths already traced, to feed on colors and shapes that are seen to be born and refined. To ignore criticism or indifference, and to continue his way. Rejoice at the end result. Painting is also a way of escaping a painful reality.

Whatever his style, figurative or abstract, fantastic or fanciful, each Fierce Creators gives to see his own interpretation of the reality, and proposes to you his last personal and singular creations.

It is from these differences that the richness of art, its life and its renewal are born. This is what justifies our desire to paint. It is this same diversity that makes the dynamism and renewal of Singapore. This is what justified our desire to expose at Visual Art Centre in Singapore.

To thank you for coming to meet us, we propose you to fill in a ballot and to try to win by simple draw one of 11 original works small formats that we created especially for this exhibition. Finally, selling is a satisfaction for the artist who is not financial first. It is an act which proves that what is done can please so much to the point that it won’t be enough for the buyer to simply admire the item, but they will want to make it their own and bring it home.

Without further ado, we invite you to meet The Fierce Creators who knew how to ignore the diktats of fashion, a vision of art and standards commonly accepted in the matter to create works in their image. Drop by Visual Arts Centre to view the beautiful artworks from ‘Fierce Creators Art Show’, which will run till 31 May 2017! Stand a chance to win one of the artworks by filling in a Lucky Draw Form, every day! The attractive artworks are also for sale starting from $300 onwards.

Hurry down to catch a glimpse of the beautiful artworks by the 11 artists!

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我们感谢您来这里与我们相会,我们希望您为这11为艺术家的展览投票,并选出您心目中喜爱的作品。艺术家的满足,不仅仅是财务上的销售,而是遇上知音, 真正的喜欢其作品并把它带回家。



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  (上文由法国艺术家Loetitia Lemaire 执笔)