30th of August, 2016, 6pm – 8pm, representing Singapore’s junior reporter we arrived at The Majestic.  We attended the Chinatown Mid-Autumn festival media Review. At the media, we saw Dr Lily Neo, Adviser of Jalan Besar GRC GRO. Mr Vincent Tan and Mr Phillip Loh.

The MC, Mr Jimmy, explain more on all the things that are going to happen. For example, take a trip down memory lane on the heritage walking trail and many more.

It was a long presentation and finally we were able to go to the flower top garden. We managed to take a look at the Chang e and Hou Yi performance. I was able to interview the students and their teacher, Ang Chiat from Nangyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), who created the enormous lanterns all over the streets.

The big time arrives, we took the hippo bus around Chinatown and saw the twelve meters tall Chang e . It was an amazing sight for tourists. The students from NAFA created the lantern with LED lights. And the preparations for this occasion are not easy at all. The planners had a very hard time preparing for this special and beautiful occasion.  For more information, please visit chinatownfestival.sg!