Polar Bear

Today a group of people in black suddenly appeared at Nex shopping mall, came with megaphone in broad daylight waved their flag, and make a lot of “noise of black”. But the black clothes gang here are signify of culture, hope, and sense of identity. There is no need for police, no security personnel, and no media reports in advance. Everyone, regardless of religion or race, drums and spreads flowers for “care”. It wasn’t their school, and the onlookers weren’t watching the performances of their own families. People really realized that the young people in Singapore were passionate about “Care Singapore ”
People in black here with positive energy.


今天,一群黑衣人突然出现在实龙岗NEX购物中心, 在大白天拿起了扩音机,挥舞着旗帜,发出好多“黑衣之声”。但是这里的黑衣是一种文化,一种希望,一种认同感, 这里不需要警察,不需要保安人员,不需要媒体预先报道。大家不分种族和宗教信仰一起为” 关怀” 击鼓传花。那里不是他们的学校,围观的人也不是在看自家人表演,人们深切体会到新加坡的年轻人在为” 关怀” 付出。有正能量的黑衣人挺好!👍