Singapore Junior Reporter (SJR) strives for innovation and aims to bring the best education experience to your students.

We proposes a course structure that adheres to MOE education strategies and accommodates requirements of your institution, we aim to: 

     -Provide students with a conducive environment to use Chinese language, and to enable them to learn Chinese proactively;

     -To keep up with the times, using Junior Reporter as a platform to listen to students, and find out what really interest the students;

     -To holistically improve the students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities in Chinese, as well as to better prepare them for formal exams;

     -To cultivate the courage of public speaking and etiquette to students, as well as to bolster their confidence and their creativity.

For local School and aboard: Chinese programmes, Culture Exchange, CCA, Speech…Please email to 

For parents: Chinese Tuition form 5 years old and above, individual or small group. Please contact 96608576.