Introduction to the project: “Follow Me Fun to learn Chinese”

          The program 品学 aims to guide reading and learning together, strengthen communication and cultural understanding, cultivate filial piety, and promote family happiness and harmony.
         “Disciple Rules”, written by Li Yuxiu, an educator in Fujian Province during the Qing Dynasty, contains 1080 characters, all are three-characters-sentences. It is an extremely practical parenting standard and contains the wisdom of Confucianism. It emphasizes the fundamental of being a man, let students develop fine qualities like respect for the old and love for the young, filial piety for parents, diligence and frugality, honesty and trustworthiness, rigor and polite.
        Disciple Rules is a teaching text handed down three hundred years ago. It does not belong to any specific religion. During the ancient time, children had to pay to go to an traditional private school and have their teachers explain the text to them.
        In order to deepen students’ understanding and enlighten them to explore and think about the educational wisdom in ancient books of Chinese culture, Ms. Dai Kai recommends her authored textbooks, courses and activities to you.
          Dai Kai is the chief editor of the Singapore Junior Reporter Network and a registered Chinese language training tutor under the Ministry of Education. She graduated from Northeastern University (NEU) and holds the overseas Chinese Language Teacher Certificate issued by The State Council of China, as well as the Singapore Human Resource Management diploma. She is also the author of the novel “Lily” and the moral story using children’s song in poetry called “Spot them young in sharing Dizigui”.
          The project of “Follow Me Fun to learn Chinese” adopts the literature creation and supporting textbook of “Spot them young in sharing Dizigui”. It consists of four volumes with large fonts and a total of 380 pages. The author Dai Kai wrote these unique hundreds of modern children’s songs. and she strongly recommends adults to read these stories to understand the reasons behind, live by example to do a good job of early childhood education; Let preschool children easy and interesting to learn pinyin Chinese characters; Help primary and secondary school students inherit culture and good character, and learn the 1080 words with ease.
         The courses are suitable for different age groups and are divided into preschooler class, parent-child class, grandparent-child class and adult class.
         The instructor Dai Kai will teach children to learn Chinese happily, understand filial piety and have good sense, and pass on the wisdom of their ancestors by means of unique teaching courseware, all kinds of small games, Chinese character animation, 3-minute short film, interview and interaction. Promotes relationship of grandparents and grandchildren, bring back childhood fun, create meaningful life.
         Offer: classes (including Ms. Dai Kai’s textbook, lectures, and learning activities). Minimum class size: 10 people, enquiries are welcome, including potential business partners. Dai Kai contact number 96608576.


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