There are many things in this sketch that show the importance of each thing in my life. Obviously, my nationalities are incredibly important to me as they have always shaped my heritage and life.  This is what the flags represent.  The windows on the left of the flags resemble an apartment.  As I was born in Hong Kong, my life was highly influenced by the vibrant city life I lived in for 8 years of my life.  The background of the windows shows a checkered board, resembling chess which I play.  The red dots, however, are actually the influence of Chinese chess which my grandfather would play with me every day.  The subway and the train show the importance of public transport to me.  As my family has never owned a car, public transport was essential to mobility around the city.  The Lego block simply identifies that I am a big fan of Lego and have always been interested in what I could make with them ever since I was young.  The hands, colored in purple and blue, reasons that I can do a lot with them and can work efficiently and effectively (sometimes!).  As you might have noticed, there is a half meteorite, half soccer ball in the right hand corner of the sketch.  This signifies that I have always loved soccer, and it will always be my no.1 sport no matter what.  Unfortunately, almost every time I play soccer I get hurt as I am very competitive.  I have also put in two signs, saying TO THE PAST and TO THE FUTURE.  The reason for this is that I have been interested in history as well as sci-fi fiction.